Work on your Pull-ups!!

WOD prep
Prep the movements


Casual water
Team of 2. One person works while the other rests.  Divide the reps and run up however you like
5 rounds for time of:
6 Rope climbs or Cargo net climbs
20 toes-to-bars
40 Alternating Dumbbell snatches(50,35)
400m sand bag run(50,35)

*A single athlete may do this and cut the reps in 1/2.  

Rope climb options:
1, 12ft climb
2, 1 rope pull then locking in foot work on the climb.
3. Cargo net climb.

Toes to bar options:
1. Knees to 90
2. Toes to kettle bell lying on back.

*Scale load of dumbbell as needed.
*Scale load of sand bag as needed.

Post WOD
Foam roll out lats 2 minutes per side.
Work on your pull-ups!