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WOD prep
Prep the movements


Old Acquaintance

Teams of 2.  You go I go.. Teammate A does farmers carry.  Teammate B does farmers carry. Teammate A does KB Reverse Goblet lunges.  Teammate B does KB Reverse Goblet lunges. Teammate A does KB push press (5 each side).  Teammate B does KB push press (5 each side). Teammate A does 250m row.  Teammate B does 250m row.

100m KB suit case farmers carry 53,35) 
10 KB Reverse Goblet lunges (53,35)
10 KB push press(5 each side (53,35)
250m row

*Scale load as needed,

Post WOD
Mobilty foam roll lats and thoracic spine.

CFS Brief:
Adjusted Holiday schedule:
The class schedule will be adjusted on the following dates.

  • Sunday, 12/31
    8:30am Adult CrossFit (Childcare will be offered)
    10:00am Adult CrossFit
  • Monday, 1/1
    11:00am BootCamp (this class will be combined with the Adult CrossFit class)
    11:00am Adult CrossFit
    -No kids/Teens classes
  • Free class Friday 1/5/17

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