Who is this camp fire girl?

Coach’s choice

WOD prep
Prep the snatch to wod weight


Jimmy Darling
Teams of 2 for time

400m Barbell carry (95,65)
10 rounds for time
12/8 calorie row
10 Burpees over the bar
8 Hang power snatches(95,65)
400m Barbell carry (95,65)

*Athlete A does cal row, athlete B burpees over the bar, athlete A does hang power snatches, athlete B does calorie row, athlete A does burpees over the bar, Athlete B does hang power snatches.
*Each athlete does 5 rounds.
* If using different weight for the snatches carry the heaviest barbell on the carry.

Post WOD
Foam roll for 5 minutes.