Coach’s choice

WOD prep
Attempt a max-rep set for 90 seconds. Consider using the following chart as a guideline to determine which scale to use for double-unders:
75+ = perform as prescribed
25-75 = perform the Option 2 rep scheme
Less than 25 = Option 3


4 rounds for time of:
25 push presses(95,65)
50/35-cal. row
100 double unders

Scaling this WOD
Choose a load that allows you to complete the push presses in 2 sets or less.

Option 2:
4 rounds for time of:
25 push presses(95,65)
40/28-cal. row
50 double-unders
*If you are consistently missing double-unders, consider counting all attempts.

Option 3:
3 rounds for time of:
20 push presses(55,35)
30/21 cal. row
100 single-unders

*During the workout, attempt 1-2 sets of double-unders each round, then finish the remaining reps as single-unders.

Post WOD