Why are back squats so good?

  1. According to Mark Rippetoe “The back squat is literally the only exercise in the entire repertoire of weighted human movement that allows the direct training of the complex movement pattern known as hip drive.” ‘nough said.
  2. Back squats will help you run faster. One can simply apply more force to the ground when running with a stronger squat – beneficial to both short distance runners as well as long distance runners.
  3. More mobility and less pain. Doing squats correctly can help increase mobility and strengthen areas that typically deteriorate as we age, such as the knees.
  4. Back squat can help develop power. Read: I will get better at WODs because I’m more powerful.
  5. A strong back squat translates directly to your deadlift, clean, and snatch. Again, this boils over into your daily WODs. If doing a WOD prescribed is your goal, squatting can help.
  6. While the Back Squat utilizes a wide array of muscles, it’s main players are the quads, hamstrings, glutes (butt), and the spinal erectors & abs. You can see the picture I’m painting here folks. We’ve just listed some of the biggest muscle groups in our body, all used by a single exercise

Bottom line guys and gals: Let’s back squat.

Coach’s choice

WOD prep
Back Squat


Back Squat Party
Starting at 135 perform 2 back squats
EMOM Add 10 pounds per minute up to 225 pounds.
Add 5 pounds per minute until you cannot complete the 2 reps.
Women start at 75 pounds and go up by 10’s until 135.
After 135 go up by 5 pounds.

* Goal is to get a minimum of 12 sets.  Scale starting load as needed.

After party
Tabata Style Roation
:20 on, :10 off x 4 rounds (4 minutes, 4x doing each)
Flutter Kicks
Russian Twists
Commando Planks
Bicycle Crunches

Post WOD
Couch stretch 2 minutes per side.