Coach’s choice

WOD prep
Practice the movements of the wod.


Circle of Iron

4 Sets of tabata.  A tabata set is 8 rounds :20 of work :10 rest. 2 rounds of rest between movements. Your score for the tabata is your lowest reps in any given round. Example if you do 14 floor press in the first round and 4 in the last your score is 4.  

Rounds 1-8 Tabata KB floor press (70,53)

Rest rounds 9-10

Rounds 11-18 Tabata dumbbell renegade rows (30,20)

Rest 19-20

Rounds 21-28 Tabata Front Rack Lunges (53,35)

Rest rounds 29-30

Rounds 31-38 Tabata Double unders

*Scale loads as needed.

Option for renegade rows:
1. Knees
2. Plank shoulder taps
3. Plank shoulder taps from knees

Options for double unders:
1. Speed steps
2. Singles

Post WOD
KB Psoas Smash